"I would say MaryAnne is a very caring person, who stands up for others rights & looks out for others & really wants to push for social justice & advocates for change, isn't afraid to speak her mind & make sure she is heard." Mohamad Fahmy

"MaryAnne is an active community member.   I only know her in the context of an online classroom, but she definitely makes an amazing impression.  She manages to 'virtually' reach out and touch every member of the classroom.  She is an integral part of the vibrant community that as evolved in the classroom in just a month." Katherin K 

" Maryanne McMullen, I have known her a very short while, I have never met her face to face. I have had more online meetings with her then I can count. Definitively I can write Honorable Loyalty and Respectful are first few words that come to mind. I have witnessed her go out of her way to lend a helping hand on a dozen plus occasions. I have seen her ambitious and driving spirit and hope she continues to inspire everyone around her. I Believe this is one awesome successful lady-keep up the great work and drive! " Derek Keep 

"She is great. Vote for MaryAnne McMullen" Melissa Duck
"Maryanne is a dedicated and hard working individual who's commitment to the community has been unmatched. As a councilor, I think her experience working with people across the board among unique individuals, communities and, industries is one of her greatest strengths. I've had the pleasure of working with her in different capacities and her work ethic is unprecedented. She would be a great edition to Toronto's city council." @mike_stoan
"If you are looking for a no nonsense person with sincerity and passion for what they believe in, then Maryanne is your first and last choice. Being innovative and results driven will make Maryanne the right candidate for City Council." ~  Mr. K
" I think Mary Anne will be a great asset to City Council. MaryAnne will listen to the people and try her best to help" @socavibes
Maryanne McMullen has always been known to be a major help where it is needed. She is very compassionate and takes initiative to dive into any task that arises in the community head on. Her drive is like no other as she continues to strive for greatness. @jayfastcloud
"Maryanne McMullen is and will be the perfect counselor for our city. She is for the people and is always looking for different ways to help the ones in need. Her countless hours and dedication to her career is unlike any other. With Maryanne as counselor, change will definitely come" @mr_krown_emg
"What can I say about Mary Ann, I have known this lady for a long time and I was there when she start talking about amazing ideas and subjects related to the music industry. Mary Ann wanted to change and help guide Musicians of all ages and talents from instruments, singing, acting, artists just to name a few. Mary Ann than creates The Next Music Generation and has been growing every step of the way. I’m honoured to see, help and be a part of the idea come to life, all of her hard work and dedication to make the music industry better and easier for artists to grow. What people don’t know or just realizing about Mary Ann is she will and has help a lot of ppl grow and fine themselves not only as an artist but as a person and supporting them not just as an management position but as a friend. The Next Music Generation not only is a business but it’s an extended family. @Mitch8991