Maryanne's childhood is one that she doesn't desire for any child growing up in Ontario today. She was born into a poor home where necessities such as food and shelter were considered a luxury. Her family could barely provide for her and her siblings and that deprived Maryanne of the joys of growing up. Her parents had to work twice as hard to be able to send her to school and that was one of their biggest investments at the time. Knowing how much sacrifice it cost to be able to go to school, Maryanne could not participate in other extracurricular activities at school or outside school. She would sit in a corner all by herself and watch other girls dance in synchrony with the dance teacher. They would skip from one activity to the other and all Maryanne could do was watch and wish. She would wish she could join them. She would wish for a different life. She would wish for better living conditions.

Maryanne may not have gotten all that she wished for while growing up but she never gave up hope. She saw a glimpse of what living a good life was and she was determined to have it no matter how long it took. One thing she was certain about was that she wasn't going to take detours or get her wishes at the peril of anyone else. She knew she had to work for it and work, she did. Along with her brother, she would scout for jobs and take on any noble task she was paid to do. This meant working multiple jobs as kids but they did it to survive. In her words, they had to "pinch every penny and save every dime". Today, she lives a better life although not affluent, but certainly better. This journey from such hardship to a state of comfort has helped Maryanne understand the struggles that many poor families in Ontario go through. She knows what it feels like to have little or nothing to eat and be left out when you desperately want to take part in activities. This is why Maryanne has decided to devote her life to helping people and the community grow and develop themselves with all the support they can access. Life would have most likely been better and less turbulent if she had certain opportunities and now that she is in a better place, Maryanne is striving to give others the opportunities she lacked.