As a builder and advocate for better living conditions, Maryanne has not limited herself to one job or field. Alongside her formal education, she went on to self-train and acquire skills and knowledge that she knew were crucial in achieving her goals.

All of these years of education and experience proved effective in all the fields she ventured into. For thirteen years, Maryanne worked with the Provincial Government in her city and held different positions in different departments from Labour to Education to working with the office of the Attorney General. She moved on to function in Community and Social Services, 

Government Services, and the Environment division. After all these, Maryanne stepped out to occupy the position of a Project Manager where she worked directly with four major banks in Canada.


Most of Maryanne's work time was spent being a contractor. This means she had to work part-time with her employers and only those who've been contractors would understand the challenges of being one.

All the offices she occupied as a contractor helped her understand with staff in those fields especially contractors who were/are in her shoes. She knows what it means to be gainfully employed and yet looked upon as only being partially employed. Regardless of how much effort she put into making her office efficient, some took no cognizance of that because she was only a "contractor". She got the stares and the remarks that come with being in that position and she does not desire that for anyone else.  She believes that "being a contractor doesn't mean you aren't as valuable as a full-time employee". She hopes that everyone would see contractors through the same lens.

Being a contractor also put her in positions where taking a stand was hard, but she did so nonetheless. There were times when she was compelled to compromise and lower her standards just because she was a contractor but she understood that lowering her standard once would mean doing the same thing until she had no standards whatsoever. Every time, she took the bold step to hold on to her beliefs. She had a clear picture of where she was going and she wasn't going to drown it for anything.