Maryanne may be a logical, science-driven community-builder but she is also a big loved of the arts. She believes that everyone is creative and they only have to discover what exactly they want to create. You don't have to be a rockstar or Picasso to call yourself a creative; once you can provide value consistently, you are creative. She also believes that everyone has something beautiful to offer and they only need to do it consistently. This is part of what brings a community closer and keeps them together because although they may have different beliefs and habits, one thing is constant: their ability to create value.

Thanks to the many platforms available now, Maryanne shares her art with a large audience and appreciates that of others at the same time. She draws from strength from being able to create from her heart and sharing that gift with others is something that brings her so much satisfaction. Knowing this level of gladness, Maryanne finds it heartbreaking when people are denied an opportunity to practice their art. She sees that as a form of punishment and as such, she advocates for everyone especially youths to be allowed to practice their art. This is a form of therapy for some and a medium of communication for others so it would only be human to give everyone a chance to create.


As a huge fan and supporters of the arts, if only made sense for MaryAnne to devote part of her time to not just creating art but promoting it as well. She worked her way out of poverty and up to platforms that seemed unreachable to others.

Her vision guided her as she explored her talent in speaking and performative arts. In line with community building, she prepared herself for the big screens and by 2015, she was already booking TV commercials; this achievement seemed so surreal to a poor girl who couldn't take part in dance classes many years ago. With each opportunity came renewed hope for MaryAnne. She made a shot at different gigs and waited for positive responses while developing herself. She advanced from commercials to TV shows and then in 2017, she achieved a huge feat. She was asked to host a movie screening with Sony Pictures which is a leading company in media.

While conquering these milestones, MaryAnne went into entrepreneurship where she could build a community that would reach out to other communities. To her, attaining such a level of fame isn't the utmost goal, supporting people is. So, she started her business line and worked extra hard to see her goals materialize. The arts have remained a big part of her business and she is so supportive of the recent changes brought to schools and communities to support creatives. As an entrepreneur and creative, she has been invited to and has been a part of art conferences and ceremonies including the Country Music Awards, Hip Hop Awards, and the Juno Awards. MaryAnne wholeheartedly pursues her passion for the arts knowing that if all else fails humans, our creativity would remain with us.