The CEO of The Next Music Generation (TNMG), Maryanne McMullen has spearheaded a significant breakthrough in the music industry with her dynamic nature and ability to seek new possibilities.

The Graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science has worked tremendously for over 13 years as a project manager. As the CEO of TNMG, she stands to represent one of the game-changers of the modern music industry. The Next Music Generation is a broad platform that serves the purpose of scouting for raw music talents. Mainly, it was put together to help uplift budding musical talent hidden in the grassroots by assisting them in the best way, especially financially and developing their craft professionally. The next music generation has his TV platform and radio campaign launched on kiss 92.5. The company is in the process of starting an award show in 2019.

Over the years, she has also spoken dynamically on various panels such as The Ontario Association Of Children's Aid Societies, CUT Connex 2017 awards,. She has participated in multiple awards, showcases festivals such as Juno, CUT Connex 2017 Manifesto, Canadian Country Music Awards, Youth Day, Toronto Italian film festival. She showcases unparalleled enthusiasm, compassion, forward-thing, and hard work in all her endeavors which in turn produce astounding results.

Maryanne is a genuinely productive asset to the music industry and a blessing to every young talent out there. She is most passionate about supporting the community and engineering change in humanitarian issues such as homelessness, abuse, mental illness. Maryanne looks forward to being a pillar that will inspire change for women across the globe.