Mary Anne sees Ontario as a stage, not one where people come to play pretend but a stage where every member of the cast and crew work hard to achieve one common goal while staying true to themselves. Just as every stage play has a director to lead both cast and crew, MaryAnne hopes to be that leader that would guide, mentor, and cheer her fellow Ontarians to do great things. She sees both visitors and citizens as an instrumental part of the game plan to make Ontario better and she would do everything in her power to watch this dream become reality.

As a big part of The Next Music generation, MaryAnne hopes to bring more light to the world of an artist. Being an artist herself, she is conversant with the struggles many artists face especially the freelancers and she believes that promoting art would mean putting the desires of Ontarians first. Even without so much support, artists in Ontario have gone on to do well for themselves and the city at large and there is so much more that can be achieved when the right people support the dreams of these creators. Just as charity begins at home, this bold step would have to start from the home of every child living in Ontario.


The climax of every art production is usually a festival or an exhibition. Ontario, being the hub for arts in Canada, has hosted many festivals and exhibitions that have seen people gather from all over the city and world as well. The beauty shared, the passion displayed, and the satisfaction offered are what keep many Ontarians going. They keep fighting and struggling to make a living so they could stand a chance to participate in another festival or maybe even host theirs someday. Festivals organized by art lovers in Ontario are usually attended by so many diverse people and this brings about equality, love, and co-existence. The fact that all these culturally diverse groups can come together to appreciate one thing is what makes Ontario even more beautiful. MaryAnne believes that healthy continuity of these kinds of events would be impactful to the development plan she has conceived for the city.


As a group of passionate creatives, Next Music  Generation comprises those who love music, art, illustrations, and theatre productions. The goal to push the arts forward and promote it is bigger than any selfish goal which is why Ontarians respect artists. Working on a theatre production as a cast or crew is quite demanding because you have to get everything right. There would be no edits or enhancements in the final production so everyone on set is admonished to put in their best. In musicals, actors would have to learn how to dance, act, and sing all at the same time. This is time and energy consuming but it is the price that the cast has to pay to achieve a common goal – win.

MaryAnne is hopeful that all residents of Ontario would come together to support the vision of growth, development, and sustainability. It is impossible for one member of the cast to play all the roles in a theatre production or a musical even if it is a one-act play. The feeling from having the whole cast participate encourages anyone on the production and influences them to be the best for their team. With Ontarians by her side, MaryAnne is set to serve the people and the city of Ontario to the best of her ability.


Fitness is one of the major aspects of the life of every Canadian whether young or old. This practice is boosted by participation in competitions and matches which so many sports lovers look up to. While you may not be able to participate in a game, you could encourage the team players with your presence or providing something essential. One of these essentials is great music and it could serve as a healthy booster to improve performance. MaryAnne knows that she may not be able to show up at every game but she could support those on the field by making access to essentials a lot easier. You too can serve others in your little way. By supporting this people-oriented vision, you would be playing your part in helping MaryAnne reach out to more athletes and gymnasts.


Every art exhibition or festival is a well-planned event that demands time, energy, and funds. Some events have been halted due to the unavailability of these and some have been poorly completed as a result of scarcity of any of the factors. The organizers would have to consider the cost for everything from renting a space to logistics to catering to the attendees. Mary Anne, having worked on a planning committee before, has experienced all of these and does not make light of it. However, the pandemic has changed the way events would take place henceforth and this would affect many businesses. The positive news is that with proper planning and timely execution, Ontarians can move on with their culture of celebration and festivals to mark everything notable. Mary Anne hopes to work with brands, especially small ones, to host events that leave a long-lasting footprint on the city of Ontario. She believes that life would return to Ontario and her residents would go back to doing the things they love and cherish – creating art and showcasing it to the rest of the world.

As exciting as all these plans sound, they can only become a reality if you give Mary Anne your support. She is but one of the many members of the Ontario cast and crew but she is not the cast and crew in herself. All Ontarians are needed on this stage regardless of our differences as we all have one thing in common – the ability to create. When all the members of this great cast and crew stand together with one common goal, anything at all is possible