Maryanne is a strong believer in people and community building and as such, has gone on to work with numerous teams to support others in personal and community development. She believes that the government should be and can be an avenue for supporting all citizens in realizing their dreams regardless of how long they've dwelt in the country.

Her firm beliefs have led her to work on helping as many as she can to achieve their goals even without holding a public office yet.

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The Next Generation

Building up the next generation of Leaders for our future

The Next Generation Leaders

The 5 Best Skills Every Next Generation Leaders Will Need 

A leader without the necessary skill set is no different from a farmer without the right tools. Even if he tries to use the wrong tool to dig, the results will definitely be slower and more rigorous. There are certain skills that every next-generation leader should never joke about because they are both career and life transforming. Out of the many skills, these five should be embraced heartily.

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Poverty & HOmeLessness

Statistics say that about 1 in 5 kids in Ontario live below the poverty line. This is real life for many kids and Toronto has taken a long-term approach to end this. The city of Ontario started a fund in 2014 to help families and kids who make up this statistics and other committees were set up to discuss and implement strategies that would end poverty and homelessness in Ontario and Toronto as a whole.

Making a Difference

"just because you experince hardships in life , its what you do with that matters. In 2020 Maryanne worked with the City of Toronto with being a panelist and assisting with putting together the Poverty & Homelessness Commitee."

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Ontarians are hardworking people and this is evident in the large workforce. However, there has been unhealthy relationships between many employees and their employees in Ontario which shouldn't be the case. We believe that all of us can change this negative culture by doing better in our respective workplaces. By respecting people's opinions, positions and values, we would be taking practical steps towards achieving this goal.

Taking a stand against Employers

"Most of Maryanne's Career has been as a contractors and Mary Anne understand through Real life experinces of the challanges good a bad that come with being a contractor. Just because your a contractor doesnt mean your not as vaulable as a full - time employee "

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Arts & Entertainment

Ontario is unarguably the hub for arts in Canada and that explains why Ontarians love music, dance and museum displays. You can find everything from film to theatre to concerts and it would be in our best interest to promote activities that keep Ontarians happy and productive.

The Next Music Generation was Born

Despite the odds, MaryAnne become an entrepanur with a big goals and dream and because of the changes with in the communities and school on all the major cuts , Mary Anne understands the importance of the Arts being in peoples lives.  2015 , Mary Anne has broke barriers that never thought possible. Mary Anne booked tv commericals , TV show and landed hosting a movie screening with Sony Pictures in 2017. Mary Anne has also been apart of conferences such as Country Music Awards, Hip Hop Awards and been in attendence and join the Red Carpet at the Juno Awards.

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Health & Wellness

“I grew up in London Ontario. My family — my brother and I — worked every job we could get. We had to pinch every penny and save every dime, but we did all right.

Overcoming The Odds

Mary Anne has been raised by two parents that suffered depression and being placed in foster care at the age of 10 years old. Mary Anne had to over come many opstacles has become a pillar for many in the community. 

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